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The Newest & Hottest Baby Trend - A Baby Spa Party

Becoming a parent is a transforming experience and not only can it leave you exhausted and overwhelmed it can also be lonely. Thank goodness for baby groups! You might want to try one of the newest and most popular baby activities –

A Baby Spa Party!

A baby spa party is a great way to bond with your baby and other parents.
Here are some great ideas on how to host a Baby Spa Party. Baby spa parties work best with no more than 6 – 8 babies and parents or caregivers. You can even just host the party for you and your baby.

Step One: Set the mood in your home
  • Keep the lighting comfortable but not too dark
  • Play your baby’s instrumental lullaby music in the background softly
  • Use lavender essential oil around the house. Either in a diffuser, a liquid potpourri burner or let a pot simmer on the stove ¾ full of water and add 10 drops of the oil

Step Two:Make your home comfortable for all babies
  • Place out baby blankets for all babies that are attending in a circle and spread them out
  • Place a baby book and a small toy at each blanket to keep the babies entertained after their massage
  • Keep your house warm but comfortable (temperature is a key element for massage)
  • In the middle of the circle have a few bottles of baby massage oil for passing around and a few towels to wipe off excess oil. On each blanket place a copy of the Benefits of Infant Massage and Massaging Your Baby

Benefits of Infant Massage
  • Enhances loving bond with baby
  • Increases sense of acceptance, respect and trust
  • Eases symptoms of gas and colic
  • Promotes longer and deeper sleeps
  • Helps strengthen and regulate baby’s digestive, respiratory and circulatory system
  • Relaxes both baby and parent
  • Provides time to share
  • Provides quality time
  • Promotes parenting skills
  • Infant massage is best done when baby is quiet
  • Keep massage under 10 minutes
  • Maintain as much eye contact as possible and describe the massage to your baby

Warm infant massage oil by gently rubbing oil between your hands. With baby facing you – hold baby’s ankle and stroke up the outside of the leg and around the thigh. Use thumbs to make small circles up the legs toward the heart. Massage the soles and tops of the feet in circular movements with your thumbs. Use the same technique for arms as you did for the legs. Gently massage baby’s belly in clockwise direction with your fingertips or the palms of your hand.
Turn baby over onto belly and massage up the back, with one hand on either side of the spine. Never put pressure directly on spine.
Avoid massaging face and hands, to minimize risk of getting oil in eyes or mouth.

Step Three: To have appropriate snacks and refreshments

For Mothers healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, cheese crackers. Herbal tea, juice and water are also the best beverages to serve. Some mothers may be nursing and just may not even have time to eat. A simple glass of tea will be extremely appreciated.

For older babies that are eating offer finger food, again, select good food choices. Small pieces of cut-up fruit, tiny crackers, little cubes of cheese and mini yogurts are all great selections. (Don’t serve any kind of nuts or anything really hard or sticky). Remember babies are just learning to eat and their eating habits require monitoring.

Step Four:Have your scheduling set
Baby spas are best done after babies morning nap so they aren’t too fussy. Once guests arrive, get everyone settle around in the circle. Offer the guests any refreshments and ask them to get their babies into their diapers (re-check to make sure that your house is comfortable and warm).

Once everyone is settled, have the parents or caregivers read the massage page. If they need guidance be sure you are familiar with the massaging techniques so you can offer help.Pass around the bottle of massage oil and have the parents or caregivers start the massage. Have everyone speak quietly to the babies and use facial expressions throughout the whole massage – this can continue for around 10 – 15 minutes but no longer.

Wipe off any excess oil on the babies on towels and then get the babies dressed. Consider throwing the clothes into the dryer quickly (to keep the babies warm) – just remember who is whose. After all the babies are dressed, let the baby play with the toy provided and have the parents softly read the baby book to them. Remember babies are little sponges and are taking everything in. At this point the babies have had enough and you don’t want to over stimulate them.

Step Five: To have some fun and relax!
Invite your guests to share in your refreshments and beautiful food you have prepared. Share in your experiences about being parents, laugh and relax. To really impress your guests, use Ballymoon’s Angel Wings Massage Oil. It only uses Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E and pure Essential Oils, as this will not clog babies’ pores. Create a spa bag for the parent and baby. That’s right a spa bag not a loot bag or goody bag.

Include a travel size baby barrier cream, travel size body butter (for parent or caregiver), baby soak envelope (for diaper rashes) and a spa salt envelope (for parents or caregiver). Ballymoon will even put it in a nice little bag for you.

Your guests will be sure and talk about this for a long time. And your babies will love the experience.

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